A lifelong Hoosier from southern Indiana, Thomasina's life
began in rural Spencer County, where at 16 she not only
built trails at the Lincoln National Boyhood Memorial but
also earned a spot in the trail-blazing movie, A League of
Their Own. Thomasina saw early success in her two
decades of managing multi-million dollar corporations,
earning the title of hotel general manager by age 20.
Thomasina is an educator, small business owner,
nationally registered EMT, certified life coach, and
motivational speaker. It is her passion to bring recognition
to the inequities within our rural areas and to give voice to
the voiceless. Thomasina has a Bachelor of Science degree
in Psychology from Marian University and is a member of
Psi Chi and Phi Theta Kappa honor societies.


Thomasina fights for all Hoosiers.

Thomasina will bring higher paying jobs to the district

through improving access to high quality education and apprenticeships, diversifying economic development

efforts, and securing a living wage.

Thomasina will improve public education by increasing

teacher salaries, expanding education funding to

specifically assist low income and rural areas,  stop the

privatization of schools and expanding student loan

forgiveness programs for public school educators.

Thomasina will fight so that every Hoosier has healthcare.


"It is the burden of my generation to fix the broken system we have been handed."


It is the mission of this campaign to stand for working Hoosiers. Jobs now pay less than they did nearly 30 years ago. It is because of the decimation of our unions. With the wipe out of our unions across a once rich and vibrant riverbed, workers are now faced with the worst economical crisis we have seen in decades. In order to contain this crisis, the federal minimum wage must increase to a living wage. This will increase and help stabilize the social security system that we pay in to.