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Campaign Highlights, August 16, 2020

THE COUNTDOWN IS ON Believe it or not, only 78 days remain until the 2020 general election! It's time to check your voter registration, find your polling location, or request an absentee ballot if you prefer to vote by mail. You can do all this here:


It's also time to share your enthusiasm for Thomasina! Make a commitment to spread the word by telling a friend about her campaign, sharing this website on social media, or displaying a “Thomasina for Congress” yard sign. These bright yellow beacons of hope are popping up all over the 8th District. Contact us to request one of your own!


August 10 found Hope in 8 cheering the players at the Spencer County Democrats golf scramble in Santa Claus.

Thomasina enjoyed luscious donuts and lively discussion while visiting with the Vermillion County Democrats on August 13. Her "Thomasina for Congress" face masks were a hit!

On August 15th, Thomasina joined the Spencer County Democrats on a whistle stop tour (Hoosier style) of rural southern Indiana. The “Caravan of Hope” saluted our small towns including Lamar, Evanston, New Boston, Fulda, and St. Meinrad. You can find more video clips on our Facebook page:


The 2020 Democratic National Convention kicks off this week, running from August 17-20. Thomasina is proud and excited to serve as one of five DNC delegates representing Indiana's 8th District, and she looks forward to hitting the campaign trail with even more enthusiasm after doing her part to launch the Biden/Harris ticket on its way to Washington! You can learn more about the convention here:


Sadly, COVID-19 continues to impact Hoosiers as case numbers rise across the state, with several areas in the 8th District experiencing surges. As a licensed EMT, Thomasina understands the severity of this outbreak and remains committed to improving healthcare for our most vulnerable residents. Please do everything you can to stay safe and healthy. Wear a snug mask that covers your nose, mouth, and chin, wash your hands often, be vigilant about social distancing when you go out, and stay home as much as possible to help flatten the curve. The Hope in 8 team cares about you!


Nicknamed “the Bloody 8th” for its hard-fought elections, ours is a swing district uniquely positioned and overdue to flip blue.  Thomasina's progressive yet pragmatic message strikes a chord with liberals and conservatives alike. We will win this race if the message reaches enough voters, yet our opponent's massive corporate war chest creates an unfair playing field. Thomasina relies on grassroots support from real Hoosiers like herself. While you're here, click the "Donate" button. Let's send some Hope to Washington for a change!

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