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Campaign Highlights, August 9, 2020

A NATION IN CRISIS “People in my generation, -X- were looking forward to retirement...... now, they are looking for food banks. Lay-offs at factories in the 8th are at an all time high. We must VOTE! We must speak out! We must focus on today and what we can do for our children.” - E. Thomasina Marsili

We live in an unimaginable time. Although some of us remain insulated from the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, our neighbors are enduring true hardship. Many working people face dire health risks on the job, while record unemployment leaves thousands without medical insurance and unable to secure the basic necessities of living. Too many families face the greatest loss of all; so far, 46 people in 8th District have lost their lives to this disease. HEARTACHE IN THE HEARTLAND The crisis is worsening. As Indiana approaches the grim milestones of 75,000 cases and 3,000 deaths, our own district has recorded 600 new cases within the past 6 days. While Hoosiers struggle to cope, the people we pay to serve our needs in Washington, D.C. deliver mixed messages, broken promises, and inaction. Images like the ones in this video from Thomasina have gone from unthinkable to commonplace across our state.

WE HAVE HOPE It's never been more evident that the public servants we elect can have a profound impact on our lives. Even the best case scenario leaves us facing a long, hard road to recovery, but it's our good fortune to have a candidate with the vision and determination to see us through. For the past 5 months Thomasina has worked the front lines with us and for us, delivering face masks, cleaning supplies, and food where the need is greatest. Public service is her way of life, not an empty campaign promise. Let's send HOPE to Washington for a change!

WHAT WE'VE BEEN DOING On August 3rd, Thomasina helped out at a food bank in Evansville, then joined candidates and guests from across the state for an OutTalk Zoom meeting focused on LGBT healthcare in Indiana.

August 5th found Hope in 8 helping with another food bank, this time in Pike County. Thomasina also enjoyed being interviewed by a journalist from the school newspaper at Castle High in Newburgh. It's exciting to see our young people become politically engaged! Thomasina had a great evening at her Zoom Dance Party Fundraiser on August 7th and sends thanks to everyone who participated. WHERE TO SEE THOMASINA AUGUST 10: Spencer County Democrats Golf Scramble with Thomasina

Registration begins at 11:30 am CDT with shotgun start at 12:30 CDT. Dinner follows at 4:40 pm CDT. Learn more and register using either of these links:

DID YOU KNOW? Covid-19 has changed everything, including this historic election. We simply can't knock on doors, shake hands, and attend events that typically generate campaign contributions. Word of mouth, mailings, and online grassroots action are essential to sharing Thomasina's message. While you're here, please click the “Donate” button. Together, we can set the Great 8th on the road to recovery. WE CAN WIN THIS RACE!

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