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Campaign Highlights, December 16, 2019 - January 1, 2020

Updated: Jan 28, 2020


Happy BLUE Year! 2020 has finally arrived, and election excitement is already palpable in the 8th District. 2019 certainly was a year to remember. Thomasina launched her U.S. congressional campaign to great enthusiasm among supporters, and the holidays flew by in a whirlwind of parties, parades, and inaugurations following groundbreaking progressive electoral victories in Indiana's 2019 municipal elections.


The wind is at our backs for even more progressive gains this year. Thomasina has a comprehensive plan to carry her message of hope to voters in every corner of the 8th District, from Cayuga to Chrisney and Tell City to Terre Haute. The 8th District is Indiana's largest in area, and that means there's a lot of ground to cover with only 10 months until Election Day. Campaign support is more important than ever so we can hit the ground running with the new year. Visit to contribute today!


Each new year brings the chance to make resolutions for improving our lives, yet last year's problems don't disappear with the turn of a calendar page. Many of us worry about health care, job security, the environmental crisis, or our children's' education. What better way to make a difference than by helping to send a strong progressive voice to Congress? As you schedule activities for 2020, consider sharing your enthusiasm for change with Thomasina's campaign. We're eager to grow our organization, and even a few hours of your time will make a difference. Click the “Volunteer” button on our home page, send a Facebook message to or email Let's do this together!

To share or schedule an upcoming event with Thomasina, please use the "Contact" link on our home page.

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