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Campaign Highlights, December 9 - 15, 2019

Updated: Jan 28, 2020


What an exciting week! On Tuesday, enthusiastic supporters packed the house for Thomasina's first major fundraising event in Bloomington, Indiana.

Thomasina joined the Indiana Stonewall Democrats in Indianapolis on Wednesday night at a reception for endorsed candidates who won groundbreaking 2019 elections in Indiana.

The weekend brought more Yuletide parades. Thomasina marched with the Spencer County Democrats in Santa Claus on Saturday, followed by the Tennyson parade in Warrick County on Sunday.


Our district is nicknamed "The Bloody 8th!" Most other Indiana districts frequently give their representatives long tenures in Washington, but the 8th Congressional District has a reputation for frequently ousting its incumbents. Indiana is also known for its close elections, which means your vote for Thomasina makes a real difference!

To share or schedule an upcoming event with Thomasina, please use the "Contact" link on our home page.

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