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Campaign Highlights, October 5, 2020

ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL Throughout the past week Thomasina has held strategy sessions with "Nasty Women" county groups as they prepare for a caravan through southern Indiana and the Illinois border. Watch for more information soon!

Also, the Clay County Nasty Women are spearheading fundraising for radio advertising, and Thomasina thanks them for their energy and dedication.

9/28: Thomasina met with the Nasty Women of Spencer, Dubois, and Perry counties. She enjoyed coordinating efforts for multiple campaigns with these enthusiastic groups!

9/29: Thomasina visited Vincennes for the Nasty Women of Knox County Meet & Greet in Gregg Park. A great time was had by all as they discussed election strategy and upcoming plans. After this event Thomasina joined a Zoom meeting with the Vigo County Democrats.

9/30: The Vigo County Democrats welcomed Thomasina and State Attorney General candidate Jonathan Weinzapfel for a meeting, followed by drive-though yard sign distribution. The day concluded with discussion of election plans over an al fresco dinner at Mogger's Restaurant and Pub.

10/1: Acting in her capacity as precinct committee person, Thomasina attended the Owen County Democratic Party monthly meeting where she voted in Vice Chair Anita Morgan, who is also running for County Council. Congratulations to Owen County's new Vice Chair!

10/2: In keeping with COVID-19 safety guidelines, Thomasina and several other candidates joined the Indiana Democratic Women's Caucus as they held their monthly “First Friday” meeting in Zoom format.

10/3: The Nasty Women of Owen County met with Thomasina to make plans for distributing information about Democratic candidates and supporting them as early in-person voting commences on October 6.

10/4: Thomasina attended the Rome Festival to raise funds for maintaining the court house and clock tower. This historic southern Indiana town was founded in 1818. The celebration offered a great opportunity for Thomasina to see old friends, family, and former neighbors. She also had the chance to talk with many constituents and stopped by several farms to chat with farmers who are having longer harvests due to rain in the southern part of the state. Thomasina is especially proud of Rome citizens who protected their community by consistently wearing face masks at the festival.

A road trip to southern Indiana wouldn't be complete without stopping by to see relatives. Thomasina took a break from the campaign trail to enjoy Sunday dinner and a visit with her family, especially her new nephew!

WHERE TO SEE THOMASINA THIS WEEK 10/6: Thomasina will join other Owen County Democratic candidates to vote at her home precinct in Spencer at 8:00 AM eastern time on the first day of early polling. She invites everyone to join her if their health permits it.

After voting on October 6, she will drive to Evansville for a Get Out the Vote Rally from 11-2 o'clock central time. Other featured guests will include gubernatorial candidate Dr. Woody Myers, Lieutenant Governor candidate Rep. Linda Lawson, and State Attorney General candidate Jonathan Weinzapfel. Learn more here:

10/10: Join Thomasina, the Vanderburgh County Democrats, Indivisible Evansville, and the Nasty Women of Vanderburgh County in Evansville starting at 2:00 PM central time, where she will meet with supporters and pass out literature. The location and details are here:


Mail-in voting is well underway, and Thomasina appreciates receiving numerous encouraging messages from people who have already voted. Early in-person voting begins on October 6. Many counties have modified their polling locations and times due to COVID-19. When in doubt, call your county clerk's office before heading to the polls, and remember to vote safely by wearing a face mask. Also remember that political shirts, masks, headgear, buttons, etc. may NOT be worn while voting. If you prefer to vote absentee, you can review the requirements and download a mail-in ballot application at


Thomasina and the Hope in 8 team are still delivering yard signs across the district. We're down to our last few signs, so don't delay contacting us if you want one! The quickest way to reach the Hope in 8 team is to send us a message at

Keep an eye out for Hope in 8 billboards around the district too!


Once again COVID-19 case numbers are surging. Tragically, the 8th District is home to seven Indiana counties most affected. Please do everything you can to remain safe and healthy. Wear a snug mask that covers your nose, mouth, and chin, wash your hands often, remain vigilant about social distancing, and stay home as much as you can to protect yourself and others.

2020 IS A YEAR LIKE NO OTHER The need for change has never been clearer. Send Hope to Washington, D.C. by supporting Thomasina's grassroots campaign. Indiana's future lies in our hands. Let's flip the Great 8th together!

Donate here:

Or mail a check to:


PO Box 461

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