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HOPE ON THE HOME STRETCH: October 19, 2020

Above: Thomasina distributing signs of Hope in Evansville.


COVID-19 has hit 8th District residents close to home in far too many ways. Our economy is stretched to the breaking point, unemployment remains high, and most tragically, the lives of over 300 of our neighbors have been lost as case numbers approach 20,000. We unite in sympathy for all victims of this highly contagious disease.

Our rural communities suffer the most because of their limited access to healthcare and economic reliance on agriculture. Grain farmers still reeling from bad weather and export losses due to trade wars saw crop prices plummet during the COVID-19 recession as the demand for ethanol dropped during lock downs. Livestock owners were forced to slaughter and bury stock on the spot as meat packing plants closed in response to coronavirus outbreaks. When our farmers suffer, the Hoosier economy economy suffers. Farm revenue fuels businesses and creates jobs throughout the 8th District. Without farm profit, jobs are lost and businesses fail.

COVID-19 has cast a harsh spotlight on the rural healthcare deficit as well. Never has the need for access to medical care been more evident, and never has it been so threatened. If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, over 50,000 8th District constituents will lose medical insurance overnight, while individuals fortunate enough to retain coverage will absorb the cost of their medical bills because insurance companies operate on the principle that premiums are lowered when more people have policies.

The ACA was devised to lower prescription drug prices for seniors. Without it, the price of a vial of insulin will no longer be capped. Prescription drug costs will double or triple overnight.

Over 50% of 8th District residents have a preexisting condition. For them, ACA repeal means the loss of guaranteed coverage and skyrocketing premiums if they can find a plan at all.

These are clearly nonpartisan issues that affect us all. Striking down the ACA will end protection for working Hoosiers who obtain insurance from their employers. Even if you have a job with great coverage, the truth is your premiums will increase up to 4x in order for the insurance companies to break even. Economically, private hospitals in rural areas will be forced to close, leading to a healthcare crisis of astronomical proportions in the midst of a pandemic. Nobody will benefit from the devastating repercussions of ACA repeal without an effective replacement plan in effect.

Despite all the rhetoric about recovery, the truth is it's now October. Our economy hasn't rebounded from the first wave, and with cases on the rise Indiana may have to move back to Phase 4. Many people remain out of work, Hoosiers still have trouble simply getting basics such as disinfectant spray and toilet tissue, and the COVID crisis won't end soon.

The totality of economic issues facing us is daunting, and Indiana is one of the last states thought of by Washington legislators. Where is the 8th District headed? Who has a plan to rebuild the economy and keep it afloat? Who will protect our healthcare in the midst of a pandemic? Who understands the unique needs of southwest Indiana? Who in Washington cares about us?


Thankfully, 8th District voters have an opportunity to put someone at the table who will fight for us; someone who has no agenda, no corporate donors to placate, and is truly doing this for the people of Indiana. With her background as a licensed EMT, educator, small business owner, corporate manager, and proud native of southern Indiana, Thomasina is uniquely qualified to meet this extraordinary moment in history.

A vote for Thomasina is a vote to

protect your healthcare.

A vote for Thomasina is a vote to

support our farmers.

A vote for Thomasina is a vote for

small businesses.

A vote for Thomasina is a vote for

public education.

A vote for Thomasina is a vote for

the American worker.

A vote for Thomasina is a vote for Indiana's future.

Above: Quarantine goes easier with a friend. Thomasina will celebrate Pippin's first birthday on Halloween.


Hope in 8 campaign visits were limited last week due to the possibility of a secondary exposure to the novel coronavirus. Thankfully, the individual concerned tested negative and Thomasina resumed public appearances on October 18. She sends heartfelt thanks for the many kind wishes and prayers received from supporters while awaiting test results.

Earlier in the week, Thomasina made several stops in southern Indiana and attended the Vigo County Democrats yard sign drive-through in Terre Haute, followed by an al fresco dinner with campaign associates and Veronica Rogers, who represented the Nasty Women of Vigo County. Ms. Rogers presented Thomasina with a generous donation to fund a digital billboard in Terre Haute! Thomasina sends many thanks to everyone who showed the heart of the 8th District by coming together to contribute. #PoweredbyNastyWomenofVigo

After her precautionary quarantine ended, Thomasina joined the Vanderburgh County Democrats in Evansville for a yard sign drive-through event.

At right: Digital billboard on Hwy 41 in Terre Haute. Below: Yard sign drive-through event in Evansville.


Schedules are uncertain due to rising COVID numbers, but you can join Thomasina on Facebook Live with the Vigo County Democrats on October 20 at 7:00 pm EDT. Link the the event here:

Thomasina is awaiting scheduling confirmation for the #WINDIANA southern Indiana caravan tour. We will share details on the Hope in 8 Facebook page when we have them.


Documented cases of the novel coronavirus have increased by nearly 2,000 in our district, while the deaths of 31 more of our neighbors were recorded during the past week.

PLEASE remain vigilant. Stay home as much as possible and avoid indoor group settings. When you go in public, wear a clean, well-fitted mask that covers your nose, mouth, and chin. Strive to maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from non-household members. Wash your hands often or use sanitizer when you don't have access to soap & water.


With so many uncertain circumstances, it's best to vote as early and safely as possible. If you vote by mail, try to send out or drop off your ballot this week. Double-check and follow all instructions, and remember to sign your ballot before submitting it.

If you intend to vote in person, note that many counties have modified their usual polling locations and times due to COVID-19. When in doubt, call your county clerk's office or check online at Please protect yourself and others by wearing a face mask and keeping your hands clean. Also remember that political shirts, face masks, headgear, buttons, etc. may NOT be worn while voting. Play it safe and share your opinion on your ballot, not your body! And don't forget to bring a current Indiana photo ID to your voting site!


- Cast your ballot and tell your family, friends, and neighbors why Thomasina earned your vote.

- Help bring a brighter future to the Great 8th by sharing this news letter on social media.

- Post your “I voted!” photos with the #HopeIn8 hashtag.

- We still have a few yard signs left. Contact us if you want one.

Let's do this together for Indiana!

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